Top 5 Tasty Mexican Dishes

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Mexican food holds a special place in my heart and I have many fond memories of Mexican themed meals shared with friends. With Mexican restaurants to be found all over the world, anyone can experience the fiery taste of an Enchilada topped with chilli sauce and washed down with a tasty Mexican Mojito (they replace the traditional rum with tequila).

Whatever your favourite Mexican dish, you haven’t really experienced it properly until you’ve eaten it when it’s been freshly prepared and served in Mexico. You’ll find that it’s a whole new experience and you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

Sign for 'Maria's Homemade Enchiladas' in Mexico
Maria's Homemade Enchiladas, Mexico © Justin Marty

Here are my top 5 favourite Mexican classics, best experienced in the country they originate from:

#1: Enchilada

Put simply, an enchilada is a tortilla wrap which is filled with lots of tasty ingredients and topped with some delicious and fiery chilli sauce (or sometimes mole; see below). The fillings will usually include a combination of meat, cheese, beans and vegetables with seafood and potatoes sometimes also included.

Once you’ve decided on the filling you’d like, the enchilada will usually be baked with grated cheese melted over the top of it and the chilli sauce will be added once it’s cooked. If it’s a little too hot for your taste buds you can cool things down a little with some sour cream.

#2: Tacos

If you live in the UK, you’ve probably tried tacos or at least heard of them thanks to the Old El Paso kits that have become a popular choice at family mealtimes. These kits give you the flexibility of adding the fresh ingredients of your choice to make a tasty meal in hardly any time at all.

If you do get to experience a taco in Mexico, you’ll find it is 10 times nicer than anything you’ve tasted in the UK and you’ll soon be hooked on this simple yet tasty dish. The best place to enjoy this classic dish is to buy one from one of the street stalls just like the locals do (after all, if it’s got their stamp of approval it must be good). You’ll usually find that the chef carves generous portions of hot chicken or beef from a spit and piles it into a fresh corn tortilla which he then folds into a half moon shape and flavours with guacamole, chilli sauce and fresh coriander (cilantro).

#3: Mole

You probably haven’t experienced this one in the UK, but if you are lucky enough to taste it in Mexico it should be superb; especially if it’s being served at a birthday or celebration which is quite traditional.

Various stories surround its creation, but one thing’s for sure, it’s one tasty sauce. Usually consisting of a variety of ingredients including and not limited to; tomatoes, chocolate (yes really), garlic, dried fruit, cumin, cloves and much more. You’ll usually find that it’s served with turkey but it’s not uncommon for it to be served with pork or chicken also.

#4: Esquites

Another dish you probably haven’t tried in the UK, but certainly a tasty treat to be enjoyed from a street stall in Mexico. Esquites is a snack consisting of grains of corn which are boiled in salted water and then sautéed in butter with some more salt, onions, chopped chillies (you’ll find chillies are present in most Mexican dishes) and epazote (a native Mexican herb).

This flavourful concoction is then served in small cups and seasoned with lime juice, mayonnaise and chilli; the perfect snack to eat whilst you’re wandering round a festival or when looking for some holiday souvenirs.

#5: Tamale

A traditional dish that’s been eaten in Mexico for thousands of years and still going strong, the Tamale is said to be as varied as the sandwich in terms of the variety of fillings and flavours you can add to this versatile dish.

The dish consists of a corn based dough (masa) which is wrapped in a plantain leaf and then steamed or boiled (with the leaf being discarded before eating). The dough is usually filled with meats or fish, cheese, vegetables and spices and is an excellent comfort food which you’ll find served for breakfast or lunch. The most popular fillings are chicken and pork served with mole or salsa and you can even have it for desert (tamal de dulche) with a filling of sweetened raisins or other fruits and a pink food colouring added.

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