Have Time to Spare at the Airport? Make Time to Visit a Library

Reading sounds much better than waiting ©Paul Lowry

Here’s a fun travel scenario: your flight has just been delayed for four hours. What are you options? Sit around, maybe get something to eat? Listen to music. Crack open the laptop and do some work…or if you’re lucky enough to be in the right airport, you can stop by the library and read.

As Library Journal reported in a recent issue, many airports across the U.S. have started partnering with local libraries, offering books (printed and electronic) for readers. Some of the airports included are San Francisco International, Harrisburg International, Manhattan Regional, and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International.

At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, travelers can download free e-books or take home free paper books and magazines from book shelves offered on behalf of the King County Library System. Volunteer librarians have reported that some travelers have gone out of their way to mail the books back, even though they are encouraged to keep them.

Read more about the airport library locations at USA Today.

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  1. Sourav

    These days, we lead so hectic a life that we are left with very little time for reading. Why not utilize the idle hours at the airport while waiting for departure? I appreciate the initiative by US airports to connect travelers with the joy of reading….and thanks a lot for this post.


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