Voluntourism: Is It Hip or Hype?

With some research, due diligence, and attention to a community’s actual needs, you can put your humanitarian efforts to many good uses around the world.
Strange Menu in Hanoi, Vietnam

Signposting: Strange Eats in Hanoi, Vietnam

© Nora Dunn I had a mere 12 hours to enjoy Hanoi, Vietnam, while enoute to the finish line of Saigon after 30 days of train travel from Lisbon as part of the Ultimate Train Challenge. Getting...
Hands holding stack of Visa credit cards

Travel and Money: Using Prepaid Travel Cards

© John Lambert Pearson Today, the topic of discussion is Prepaid Travel Cards, which can be a useful ”” and secure ”” alternative to debit cards and credit cards, as well as a way to hedge...
Closeup of a black wallet

Travel and Money: Carrying Decoy Wallets

© Alexander Baxevanis A friend of mine left the bar he had enjoyed a few drinks at to walk back to his hotel. It wasn’t late, but it was late enough. He wasn’t drunk, but he had certainly drunk...
Closeup of a passport and airline ticket

Travel and Money: Passport Carrying Tips

© Robert S. Donovan Today, we're talking about ways to carry your passport. Although carrying your passport doesn't directly pertain to your money, losing it (or having it stolen) can be a costly...
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America Is the “No Vacation Nation”

Here is a frightening (or enlightening, depending on how you look at it) passage from Wanderlust and Lipstick about the American approach to vacations: A 2009 survey from Expedia found that 1/3 of employees...
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iStopOver: Earn Extra Income or Travel on the Cheap

Many people have put their vacation on hold with the current economic downturn, or are searching for alternative ways to travel on the cheap. Other people yet are looking to earn some extra income on the side...