Bellroy High Line Wallet: A Versatile Wallet for Go-anywhere Travel

As a minimalist traveler, I like my gear tight, small, lightweight, and to stay out my way until I need it. This goes for wallets too, which is why I’ve long been a fan of Bellroy’s entire line (see also: my previous review of Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve).

They were kind enough to send me a sample of their latest High Line which is purpose-built to hold larger currencies (dimensionally speaking). Yet it still retains the same streamlined, trimmed-down look that the company’s known for.

Bellroy High Line Slim Wallet

Bellroy High Line Slim Wallet

The Skinny

In short, the High Line is:

Optimized for tall currencies, this is our slimmest wallet for the Japanese Yen, Euro and UK pound. Cards sit portrait, with leather that tapers in around the edges, so pockets stay smooth and super slim.

The Traveler’s Take

There’s a lot to like about the High Line. First, it’s ideal for taller currencies that don’t fit in a typical wallet. As mentioned above, this is especially useful for the Yen and Euro. The bill pocket is deep enough to accommodate most any bill from any country around the world.

It also has the capacity to hold up to ten cards, be they credit cards, a driver’s license, your Blockbuster card (wait … what?), etc. For travelers, in particular, the interior, “hidden” pockets are a nice touch. They keep your most valuable cards on the inside of the money pocket relatively hidden from view from snoopers and would-be thieves.

Lastly, the entire package is wrapped in a lovely, buttery soft, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather and warrantied for a full three years. In short: it looks good, feels good, and is built to last.

Bellroy High Line Slim Wallet

Bellroy High Line Slim Wallet

Pricing + Availability

Available now in five dashing colors for around $80 (USD) directly from Bellroy.

Disclosure: Vagabondish received a complimentary High Line wallet from Bellroy in advance of this post. Read our view on sponsored content.

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