Braving the Perilous Terrain of Greenland’s Tasermiut Fjord [Gallery]

It is wild, beautiful, ancient and awe-inspiring — and we strongly suggest that you never go there. Unless, that is, you are fully prepared for somewhere as perilous as it is stunning. With its steep granite cliffs, crystal-clear rivers, icebergs and majestic glacial vistas, South Greenland’s Tasermiut Fjord looks like a landscape straight out of a fantasy movie. But, as photographer Vladimir Donkov will tell you, exploring it is definitely no fairytale.

“I spent two months trekking in the fjord,” says Donkov of the trip during which he took these incredible photographs, “and it was the hardest of all my trips to the Arctic.” Donkov advises maximum caution for anyone wanting to visit this area. “It’s extremely different from any national park in the USA, Europe or Asia,” he warns.

Check out the full gallery at Environmental Graffiti.

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