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Toronto Bookstore Celebrates the Joy of Randomness

Book from the BIBLIO-MAT © Steph Spencer Serendipity is a wonderful thing, and it is often the unexpected that gives us the most pleasure. The Monkey's Paw antiquarian bookstore in Toronto has an...

More of the Potterverse to Materialize in Orlando

© Shockingly Tasty When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Orlando, I was regaled by young and old with tales of chugging Butter Beer and other Potterian adventures. It sounded like a lot...
By Claudio Matsuoka

Sexy Books to Read on the Road: The Dawn of the Deed

Everyone I know brings at least one good book along while traveling, but everyone seems to have a different strategy when choosing their lettered companion. It should be long or it shouldn't be that long ......

Flight Attendant Publishes Detailed Memoir

"...and he seriously had the nerve to ask for another bag of peanuts"  ©deathtiny42 Throughout her 17 years as a flight attendant, one might say Heather Poole took on another career--that of...

12 Incredible Visions of Earth [Gallery]

© Felix Torkar The earth has many stupdendous things in it — often small and ordinary at first glance, but upon a closer look they take on a beauty that is unexpected. It is a question of stopping...

9 Unique Reading Hotels and Resorts

Are you looking to read and travel? Look no further and stay at an official Literature Hotel. Isabel Eva Bohrer shares 9 establishments to get you started.
Le Bouquiniste in Paris, France

Touring London’s Dangerously Seductive Bookshops

Every great city has a particular place that book-lovers know. In Istanbul it's Sahaflar Carsisi, the bookseller's souk, where cats doze on top of the books or dodge the feet of passers-by; in Paris it's the...