5 Tips to (Maybe) Survive Holiday Travel [Video]

The lovely ladies at How 2 Travelers have just released their latest video. This time, they're sharing five tips for surviving holiday travel this year: Copious snacks = best travel tip, no matter...
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How to Access Video from Any Country

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you're a traveler, you need a VPN solution. Here are five great reasons, including: cloaking your IP address, surfing the web anonymously, secure web browsing,...
Silhouettes at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

How to Slow Travel on a Short Trip

Katie Hammel reveals how to slow travel – to learn about the local culture, understand daily life, and focus on “experiencing” more than “seeing” – even on a short trip.
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Why You Should Never Be Scared of Getting Sick Abroad

You're a traveller. You love moving from place to place, experiencing different climates, tasting crazy foods and meeting people from around the globe. And you've been sick. You've vomited in your dorm room,...
Tourists at Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Tours for Non-tourists: Why You Should Take a Tour

I'm going to make a generalization here and say that our DIY-travel generation, with countless apps and reviews at our fingertips, is largely anti-tour. We like to think we can travel better and cheaper by...
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3 Tips to Thwart Identity Theft While Traveling

Cybercrime (seriously, no one's devised a better name for it yet?) is now the fastest growing type of crime in the world. Identity theft is now a serious problem, particularly for every one of the nine million...
Sunset on the Dunes, Peru

The Advantages of Looking Like a Tourist

There’s no shame in looking like a tourist and, in all honesty, sometimes it can work to your benefit in ways that are underappreciated. Besides, isn’t that what we all fundamentally are? For some...