Motorcycler on open road in Spain

5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Now that winter is finally getting out of the way, spring is coming in with a bit of a whimper. Nonetheless, as the days get warmer, now you will want to ride your bike much more, both as a commuter and as a...
Christmas on the Waterfront in Hamburg, Germany

7 Things to Know Before Booking a Trip to Hamburg

Germany’s capital city Berlin and the birthplace of Oktoberfest, Munich, receive most of the world’s travel magazine accolades. It’s no surprise that Hamburg doesn’t strike many travelers as one of the...
Woman with lots of shampoo

20 Totally Unethical (But Useful) Travel Hacks

Do your ethics take a backseat to saving a quick buck for travel? Would you do anything to score a free seat upgrade on your next flight? Are you comfortable with skirting the law if it means you can travel...

5 Tips to (Maybe) Survive Holiday Travel [Video]

The lovely ladies at How 2 Travelers have just released their latest video. This time, they're sharing five tips for surviving holiday travel this year: Copious snacks = best travel tip, no matter...
Apple Laptop Keyboard

How to Access Video from Any Country

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you're a traveler, you need a VPN solution. Here are five great reasons, including: cloaking your IP address, surfing the web anonymously, secure web browsing,...
Silhouettes at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

How to Slow Travel on a Short Trip

Katie Hammel reveals how to slow travel – to learn about the local culture, understand daily life, and focus on “experiencing” more than “seeing” – even on a short trip.