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Learn Travel Writing from Rolf Potts

In case you missed it, the inimitable Rolf Potts will be teaching a travel writer's workshop this summer: Aspiring travel writers looking to hone their skills can learn from one of the best - Rolf Potts -...

Writing For Free: Is It Worth It?

After more than a year in the freelance travel writing field, Eva Holland reflects on whether writing for free is "worth it" for other aspiring writers out there.
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Tom Robbins on Writing Your First (Travel) Novel

I received a pep e-mail today from the folks at National Novel Writing Month. A bit of advice on the craft of writing your first (travel) novel from Tom Robbins, a published author: When you sit down to...
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$125 Travel Writing Contest

Just a quick note that Michael over at sent me an e-mail to announce a $125 travel writing contest he's hosting. What does it take to enter and win? Simply put, it takes a...
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Be A Better Blogger By Breaking Your Wiki-ddiction

We bloggers are a lazy lot. It seems the de facto target to direct our readers for further info is always that treasure trove of truthiness: Wikipedia. The problem is that Wikipedia reads like stereo...