Comic Relief Says: Beat World Poverty, Play Bingo!

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Think bingo and you might think of weekend hen nights and old ladies with terrifyingly large collections of lucky charms. But a whole new generation of bingo fans is being won over by sites like Jackpotjoy — and they’re achieving a whole lot more than just transforming the image of the game.

As an official partner of Comic Relief, the UK’s favourite bingo destination is playing a huge part in the fight against global poverty. Part of Jackpotjoy’s role has been to help raise the profile of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day through its annual ad campaigns that are guaranteed to raise a LOL, as well as donation dosh.

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Previous Red Nose Day ads have seen Jackpotjoy team up with their Queen of Bingo, Barbara Windsor, to cake some of the nations most cake-worthy celebs for cash — Gillian McKeith, Susannah Constantine, and Larry Lamb (of evil Archie Mitchell fame) have all taken one in the kisser. This year Babs went all-out in her efforts for the cause, learning kung fu for this fun take on those high-kicking grindhouse favourites.

As well as their ad splurges for a good cause, this year players at the Jackpotjoy site could help raise funds directly by playing at the site’s specially created Red Nose Day Bingo Room, where all profits went directly to the charity. They could also donate their Joy Points to Comic Relief, while scratchcard fans could buy the special Red Nose Day scratchcard too.

But it wasn’t just the players who were having all the fun and raising all the cash. Jackpotjoy staff also took part in fundraising efforts up and down the country, including creating cakes fit for the Queen of Bingo in their own Jackpotjoy Fundraising Bake Off. All in all over £150,000 was raised to help support those in need in the third world, as well as at home in the UK.

Comic Relief has been saying pants to poverty since 1985, when it was set up by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia. Its famous telethon, Red Nose Day, takes place every two years in March, uniting some of the country’s biggest and weirdest comedy talents in an all-night TV marathon designed to raise as much cash for charity as possible.

In recent years, Comic Relief has branched out into a sister charity — Sports Relief — raising funds while encouraging the nation to get fit as well as funny. As well as giving us some of the biggest laughs in British telly history (a selection of which you’ll find below), Comic Relief has helped to raise an astounding £750 million since it launched almost 30 years ago.

With the support of partners like Jackpotjoy who help to cover the costs of running the charity, every single pound raised by Comic Relief is free to be spent on charitable projects — and long may it continue to tickle our funny bones!

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