15 Enchanting Red Window Photos from Around the World [Gallery]

red window
Red Window © Laura Garcia

There’s a reason we use red to highlight objects we need people to notice — whether they’re fire hydrants, stop signs, or warning flags at the beach. No color screams for attention like red, and of all the primary colors, it’s certainly the most striking. Red is associated with a host of meanings: passion, vitality, heat, anger, excitement and romance, to name just a few. Yes, it’s virtually impossible to paint something red without making a statement — as these gorgeous, fiery-hued windows prove.

Here’s a wonderfully fiery color combination: bright red against a sunny yellow wall — the rather weathered-looking appearance of which only adds to its charm. We don’t know exactly where in Nicaragua this building is located, but it sure looks like it’s seen some history. If only walls — and windows! — could talk.

Check out this niche gallery of 15 Enchanting Red Windows from Around the World (via Environmental Graffiti).

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