Measles Outbreak Caused by Religious Community in the Netherlands Continues

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The anti-vaccination outbreak stories never seem to end and here’s another one for you …

A measles outbreak which began in the Netherlands back in May 2013 continues to grow and isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. It has effected nearly 1,300 people with over 80 people requiring hospitalization. The outbreak was reportedly caused by an orthodox Protestant school in the “Bible Belt” of the Netherlands, and, accordingly affects mostly children. The group, similar to groups that have triggered epidemics in Texas and Wales, claims that vaccinations interfere with God’s intentions, while a smaller percentage of unvaccinated people that have been affected haven’t given any reason whatsoever for their aversion to vaccinations.

This isn’t the first time that the Netherlands has suffered a measles outburst due to an unvaccinated minority population; there was another incident back in 1999 in the same area, prompting a public awareness campaign by the Dutch government.

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  1. Nancy Verrecchia

    Great article! Measles outbreaks in the States from parents who think it’s smarter not to vaccinate. Check CDC website.
    Hope you write more!!


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