Niagara Falls High-wire Feat Set for June 15

Whatever you do, don’t look down ©Alberto Mari

A Florida man has announced his plans to make a high-wire walk across the Niagara Falls gorge one hundred years after the last high-wire walk.

Nik Wallenda, a seasoned circus performer, is a seventh-generation member of the “Flying Wallendas”. For his planned feat, Wallenda will walk across a 2 inch cable stretching between the U.S. and Canadian borders of the Falls, but has yet to decide on which country to start in, citing it as weather-dependent. He will begin training 10 days before the stunt in the parking lot of a casino near the gorge.

A ban has been imposed on stunts around the Falls over the last century. In order to complete his walk, Wallenda lobbied for two years eventually changing the law in both countries.

More on Wallenda’s high-wire attempt can be seen at

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