Novica: Shop the World’s Best Handmade Travel Souvenirs Without Ever Leaving Home

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If you’re the sort of traveler who’s keen to fill their pack with souvenirs and trinkets from every single country you visit, Novica is for you. The site offers all the fun of shopping a Middle Eastern souk or traditional South American market without ever leaving home. With thousands of hand-crafted products on offer, it’s easy to lose yourself spending hours browsing the site. And we did.

Earthquake Eggshell mosaic tray (from Novica)
Eggshell Mosaic Tray

Novica kindly offered us the opportunity to shop a few choice items from their site. We opted for the above eggshell mosaic tray (from Thailand artist Nantana Sompamitre) and wooden horse table lamp (from Mexican artist Adriana Jimenez) below to spruce things up here at Vagabondish HQ. Both products arrived in less than week, extremely well-wrapped. The eggshell tray in particular even included a beautiful gift wrapping – a nice, unexpected surprise!

Hand Made Wood Horse Table Lamp from Mexico

What’s more: the company works in association with National Geographic so you know you’re in good company. Their mantra for partnering with their extensive list of artisans is simple: “Fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business.” It’s a great way to support hard-working craftsmen around the world and know that you’re also doing some good.

If you’re in the market for unique holiday gifts (of purely for yourself), shop now at for almost anything you can imagine, including margarita glasses, cotton dresses, fabric hammocks, ponchos, and more.

Bonus: win a $75 (USD) Novica gift certificate from our friend Melanie over at! But hop to it – the giveaway ends this Wednesday, November 6!

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