RHA’s Back With the T20i Noise-isolating Earbuds for Travelers

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I review and test a good many headphones here at Vagabondish. The first pair of RHA earbuds I ever reviewed was back in December 2012, yet they’re still the headphones I take with me on every trip. They’re simple, lightweight, sturdy, and (most importantly) sound great.

Purely for portability reasons, I’m a huge fan of in-ear headphones (over-ear cans are too big and bulky for my travel style). Which is why I’m digging RHA’s new T20i buds.

RHA T20i In-ear Headphones

RHA T20i In-ear Headphones

The Skinny

In RHA’s own words, the T20i is:

… a high-performance in-ear headphone featuring revolutionary DualCoil dynamic driver technology capable of outperforming conventional drivers in levels of resolution, clarity and detail.

The injection moulded stainless steel housings feature a tuning filter system to adjust the sound signature, while a comfortable, noise isolating fit is ensured by patent pending, mouldable over-ear hooks.

The Traveler’s Take

Usually, earphones are earphones are earphones. In other words, most tend to be virtually identical. But RHA has packed a good deal of innovation and useful tech into the T20i.

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Three things in particular stand out to me. First, the noise-isolating design is solid and practically a requirement now if you fly frequently as I do. Second, the construction is incredibly durable — the metal-injection-moulded, stainless steel shell is damn-near-bulletproof. Lastly, gone are the days when you need to worry about a long headphone cord dangling from your ears. The mouldable over-ear hooks ensure a snug fit that guarantees the buds stay right where you want them.

RHA T20i Headphones with Over-ear Hooks

Over-ear Hooks on RHA’s T20i Headphones

Other features are typical of headphones of this caliber. A 3-button remote/microphone is ideal for phone calls and simple play/pause/skip functionality without taking your smartphone of your pocket. A variety of silicone and memory foam ear tips are included to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Finally, the entire package ships in a deluxe carry case with a stainless steel ear tip holder. Plus, RHA throws in a three-year warranty to boot.

Pricing + Availability

Available now for around $240 (USD) directly from RHA.

Disclosure: Vagabondish received two complimentary pairs of headphones from RHA in advance of this post. Read our view on sponsored content.

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