Addictive Smartphone Game Donates Bikes to Africa

Put your smart phone gaming obsession to good use and check out Sidekick Cycle, a new game released by The Global Gaming Initiative. This charity has evolved with the times and made a truly fun and addictive game that just so happens to also teach about the importance of bikes in Africa and contribute money to the cause. They donate half of their proceeds to World Bicycle Relief. That includes half of the .99 iTunes price and half of all in-app purchases as well.

The game shows the total number of bikes donated, allowing users to see their money in use. The founder, Elizabeth Sarquis, explained the importance of transparency to Mashable: “After serving many years on non-profit boards, I became aware of the collapse of the non-profit model after the 2008 financial crisis. As a result of that, people were willing to donate to charities, but they demanded accountability. They cared to know where their donations were going, especially with the transparency that the Internet can provide.”

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