South Korea to Build World’s First “Invisible” Tower

The "Invisible" Tower Infinity, Seoul, South Korea (rendering)

The engineering race to “outbuild” the current tallest skyscraper seems never-ending. Every country and architectural firm with a brand name to bolster is keen to outdo the last with the largest and most visible building on the planet.

Which makes South Korea’s latest project all the more interesting – the country’s government just gave the go-ahead to begin construction on the first ever “invisible” tower in the world. The glass-encased structure (dubbed “Tower Infinity”) will reach nearly 1,500 feet and feature the third highest observation deck in the world.

That’s cool and all, but what really boggles the mind is that it will also be wrapped in a next generation, uber high tech LED facade to project real-time images onto its surface. No matter which side of the building visitors view it from, they’ll be seeing the image on the reverse side projected in front of them, giving the illusion that it’s not even there.

It would appear the future is now, folks. Look for Dubai to begin construction on the “Tower Infinity+1″ building in 2014.

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