Volunteer camp in Hustai Park, Mongolia

Voluntourism: Is It Hip or Hype?

With some research, due diligence, and attention to a community’s actual needs, you can put your humanitarian efforts to many good uses around the world.
Unite for Sight - Volunteer Abroad

The Top Volunteer Travel Organisations

You’ve partied in Goa, lounged on a beach in Belize, shopped in Morocco, and each time noticed the huge disparity of wealth, opportunity and basic...
1,000 kids lined up to receive a bedkit in Belgaum, India

The Ladies of Belgaum, India

Our largest distribution took place in the city of Belgaum, population of approximately one million people. We handed out 1,000 bedkits that day and...
Tamara Kaftalovich and Veena Benti at SCAW Distribution Site

The Young Humanitarian of Harugari

Our third distribution was in a town called Harugari, approximately three hours from Belgaum, where we distributed 150 bedkits. We had such a great...
Neighborhood 20 Minutes Outside of Belgaum, India

A 360 Degree Moment in Rural India

Our two days of touring are officially over. We took a flight from Mumbai to Hubli and then drove to Belgaum, our home base for the next five days as...
Amin (our tour guide) squatting next to the two bags of stuff we brought to the orphanage

Little Moments in Mumbai

Our second day with our tour guide Amin was even more special than the first. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, before I left Toronto I sent...