Tourists Snap Photos of Cougar Stalking Them in Lake Louise

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Cougar © Josh More

They only realized afterward that the cougar had been following them the whole time. A couple hiking near Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada had a close encounter with a cougar during which they snapped several photos of the animal.

Bob and Joyce McMillan from Abilene, Texas were walking on the Tea House trail when they encountered the cougar. Once they were aware of the animal’s presence they began to make more noise in an effort to ward off the cougar. They soon met up with other hikers on the trail and employed the same tactic to encourage the cat to keep its distance from them until they returned to safety.

As a result of this and another sighting, a warning has been issued for the area. Find out more about this in the Calgary Herald.

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2 Responses

  1. Aubrey

    Wow, kind of scary! But it looks like they got some good photos out of the experience, ha.

  2. Bill

    Caveat: the photo used here was not taken by the couple mentioned in this news article.


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