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If you are an animal lover than you already love spending time with domestic animals like dogs and cats. Viewing wild animals in their native habitat is even more exciting. Make sure you take some bug spray, wear comfortable shoes, and explore these 5 unique travel destinations.


Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of east Africa and is a historic trade centre with Swahili and Islamic influences. You can visit the northern villages of Nungwi and Kendwa for its stunning beaches and beach side resorts. You can visit Mnemba Island’s coral reefs which is a great destination for snorkelling with lots of different kinds of animals. A few noted places to visit in Zanzibar are the House of Wonders, 17th century Old Fort of Zanzibar, Hamamni Persian Baths and the Kizimkazi Mosque with coral elements and Kufic inscriptions.

It is always best to travel with an ethical travel company such as Footloose Travel, who invest in conservation in the local areas to improve the lives of the people and animals who live there.

Gondwana Game Reserve

Gondwana Game Reserve is in South Africa and it is a popular destination for safaris. Gondwana is home to the big 5 and other animals such as the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra and springbok kudu. Gondwana Reserve is a beautiful place with varied landscapes ranging from deep valleys to stunning mountains. You can indulge in several activities such as game drives, trekking, mountain biking, bird watching and even golf. You can also take guided walks to view birds such as the Orange Breasted Sunbird and Black Harrier. There are a variety of accommodation options available inside of game reserve.

You can find out more about going on safari at Gondwana Game Reserve here, and if you have time whilst you are in South Africa, be sure to travel over to Cape Town and explore the beautiful capital city.

The Amazon River

The Amazon River is one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the world and Peru is a fabulous place to experience the exciting river and the rainforest that it winds through. You can cruise down the river and view animals like 4-metre-long Anacondas, pink dolphins, Caymans, different species of fish, and hundreds of different kinds of birds. There are also many species of monkeys to view on the shore and you may even see shy animals like sloths or jaguars.

It is wise to do plenty of research before you head off to the Amazon. You need to ensure you have the correct vaccinations well in advance, and book with a reputable tour company. Click here to find out more about your trip to the Amazon River.

Virachey National Park

Virachey National Park lies in the north-eastern Cambodia and is a protected forest with most of the park not disturbed by humans. There are different tours available that allow you to explore this pristine wilderness that is home to tigers, elephants, and several other species of wildlife. You can also visit Phnom Veal Thom, stunning grasslands deep in the forest that are rarely visited by tourists. You can also visit traditional villages in all of these tours. Make sure that you get in shape before visiting the park as the trekking can be quite extensive.

If you are thinking of including Virachey National Park on your itinerary, then get in touch with a travel agent who specialises in the area and see if they could create a bespoke tour for you, with a visit to Virachey National Park included. Companies like Pettitts Travel specialise in creating bespoke tours, and they are a great company to travel with if you want to explore rural Cambodia.

Phobjikha Valley

Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or new to the sport Bhutan is a great place to go. This small kingdom high in the eastern Himalayas is filled with different kinds of birds that live in pristine wilderness. Explore the beauty of Phobjikha Valley and you may be able to see a Black-Necked Crane. You can find local guides that will be able to direct you to the areas that the Black-Necked Cranes are sighted as well as the more than 700 other species of bird that call the valley home.

You can enhance your travels by doing some reading before you go. Here is the complete reading list of books about Bhutan which will help you appreciate this amazing country.

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