So, I Figured Out Why Everybody is So Happy in Vancouver

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Canada was always high on my list of places to visit, and kind of occupied a joint spot with Australia and New Zealand from an early age.

Having ticked “Oz” and “NZ” off of my list, I embarked on a tour of Europe and visited or had extended stays in countries such as Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland, Britain and the Netherlands. For some reason, Canada still eluded me and it bugged me like hell.

Street in Gastown, Vancouver

Street in Gastown, Vancouver

While propping up the bar in a hostel in Dublin, I started talking to a girl from Edmonton, who kindly listened to me babble on about my Canadian dream. She urged me to book my tickets, pack my bags, and go for it. After some awesome tips about Vancouver, some eye-opening information about life in Edmonton, and in particular, Edmonton real estate, I decided to heed her advice.

Ok, well, it took two months of work and limited social life to get the funds together, but I booked my tickets and headed to Terminal 2 in Dublin Airport with the same excitement a young child has approaching Christmas day. I was heading to Vancouver, alone and with nothing but a bag of hopes and expectations. When I arrived at Vancouver Airport, it was immediately clear that I had made the right choice.

Without the need for unnecessary information, pointless anecdotes and a play-by-play of my summer in Vancouver, I have summarized why this city is among the absolute best on the planet.

Everyone Seems to Be Happy

Yeah, really. Vancouver dominates the charts of the most expensive places to buy real estate in North America, and for good reason. The quality of life is incredible, and it is etched on to the faces of pretty much everyone.

So why are people happy? Well, there is always something to do. The people I spoke to while staying in Vancouver were proud to tell me about the safety they enjoy, the world-class healthcare at their disposal, and the pride they have in their city.

It Looks Awesome

The big thing to catch my attention flying into Vancouver was the clear, blue water surrounding the city. This makes for an interesting topography comprised of cascades, blooming greenery, waterfalls and the majestic mountains protecting this little piece of heaven on earth.

Multiculturalism in Harmony

I met Irish, Texans, Italians, Indians, Czechs, Brazilians, Swedish and Bengalis on my week in Vancouver. Everyone feels the pride of being a part of the place, and it really shows. Bouncing around the welcoming streets and discovering little corners of a city was never as fun.

The Food Is Amazing

Locally sourced produce, crafted by excellent chefs. There is an abundance of choice, fresh fish and vegetables. Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian – you name it, I found it. The way to man’s heart is through his stomach, after all.

Stanley Park

With 1,000 acres of green beauty, gardens and wilderness situated in …

Just go to Vancouver, you deserve it.

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