9 Ultra Secretive, Exclusive Places You’ll Probably Never See

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Full of history, intrigue and mystery, these 9 places would make for the ultimate travel destinations”¦if only we could get in. Maybe it’s the fact they contain priceless religious artifacts, strict state secrets, or have an incredibly exclusive membership, these spots are off-limits to most of the world’s population. Unless you’re a high ranking government official or royalty, there are just some places us regular-old folks can’t go — even though we really, really want to.

Check the full list via NileGuide.

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Mike Richard has traveled the world extensively since 2008. He's camped in the Jordanian desert with Bedouins, tracked African wild dogs in South Africa, and survived a near-miss great white shark attack in Mexico. He loves the great outdoors, good bourbon, and he (usually) calls Massachusetts home. He also enjoys speaking in the third person.

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