Airline Decides Discrimination is the Answer to Rising Fuel Costs

©Ashok Prabhakaran

Male flight attendants need not apply to low-cost carrier Go Air. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. To save on fuel costs, the Indian airline will now only hire women for its cabin crews.

According to the company, male flight attendants are 33-44lbs heavier on average than their female counterparts, and this costs Go Air an extra 30M rupees a year in fuel.

This is the latest in a series of measures that have been adopted in a desperate effort to combat fuel costs that have increased dramatically due to currency differentials. The inflight magazine is skinnier than it used to be and water tanks are no longer being filled to capacity. Now, Go Air has resorted to blatant discrimination in its hiring practices.

I’m all for creative solutions, but how is this even legal? Find out more about this in The Telegraph

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