“Fish from the Sky”: Clever New System Could Feed You & Your Family Forever

Imagine a completely self sustained eco-system designed to feed you and your family forever, that sits tucked into the corner of the roof on your downtown metropolitan condo. Urban farming is going to an entirely new level, and you can help to fund it. One of the more recent projects on indiegogo, a crowd funding site, is a hedron bamboo dome interwoven with a complex, yet downright primordial aquaponics system.

Geodesic Bio-Dome ©UrbanFarmer

Aquaponics became popular with so-called urban gardeners because it allows for lush vegetation to flourish with minimal resources or land area, such as the vertical outer wall of a skyscraper. This Geo-dome system touted by design firm UrbanFarmers as a self-sustaining solution to hunger is a bit more complex. The small water ways and tubes running over the dome would hold small fish. These fish would in turn purify the water running through the piping. Their excrement would provide fertilizer for the plants with in the system, and so on and so forth.

And the (proposed) results are stunning. UrbanFarmer claims that one GLOBE would feed a family of 4, completely with “fresh fish and vegetables”, year round, indefinitely.

Read more about The GLOBE here, and visit their indiegogo campaign to see some neat diagrams that explain the science behind the project and its unique Aquaponic System that may just change the world.

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