Assassination Attempt Not Actually Assassination Attempt: Scare Attempt

Last Saturday afternoon, Oktai Enimehmedov, 25, rushed the stage as a prominent politician gave a speech to an audience of millions, both in person and via live television. Enimehmedov, an architecture student with a sordid past, left a note for his mother claiming that he didn’t want to hurt Ahmed Dogan, he just wanted to prove a point.

Scare Tactics©gcfairch

Now, I know when I want to prove that an opposition leader is not as untouchable as he thinks, the first strategy that comes to my mind is usually: “lemme grab my gas pistol, fill it with pepper spray and scare the bejesus outta him”.
However, the plan didn’t work as Enimehmedov had hoped. After pointing his piston at Dogan, the leader of the Bulgarian MRF, Enimehmedov’s gas pistol jammed and nothing was fired. Other politicians and audience members rushed the stage, subduing the man (read: kicking the aforementioned bejesus out of him) as he continued to fight, attempting to escape.

He did not get away, and will serve 6 years jail time. Read the full story, and see a video, here.

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