Brazil Opens First-ever Pet Love Hotel

Clearly they need some privacy   ©

In a country where dogs are treated like another family member (Brazil has the world’s second largest dog population), it only makes sense that this would come next.

Dog owners that care enough about their pet’s libido can shell out $50 a day in the first ever pet love hotel. But why the need for it? Hotel owner Fabiano Lourdes says, “Our market studies showed that people work all day long and they do not know where to drop their pets for mating.” Apparently this is considered a major issue amongst dog owners in Brazil, and Lourdes’ hotel is hoping to generate sales of more than $300,000 a month.

More on the story can be seen at The Telegraph.

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  1. April Pedersen

    Is this a joke?? There was a hoax years ago about this sort of thing. The hotel rooms had mirrored ceilings. In any case, if true, this is another outrageous example of a society obsessing over mere dogs.


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