Taking the ‘Breaking Bad’ Tour of Albuquerque

Breaking Bad fans will thoroughly appreciate Josh Kurp’s obsession with the show. If you’ve ever burned through an entire season of it in a weekend, forgetting to shower and change out of your PJ’s along the way, you know what I mean.

Bryan Cranston with 'Breaking Bad' Fan Josh Kurp

Kurp took his love of the show to a new level and described his experience for Uproxx.com:

I’ll say this about Albuquerque, they sure love their Breaking Bad. Also, their meth, apparently, but mostly, their Breaking Bad, one of the many TV shows and movies that have been shot in the New Mexico city over the past few years — largely due to drool-worthy tax incentives and scenic locations — but the only one that we, myself and photographer Nadia Chaudhury, were willing to travel across the country for. After all, Girls already films in my city.

Breaking Bad aside, I’ve been wanting to visit Albuquerque for years, but never bothered reclining up from my blogger chair until last week, when we flew from New York to the Land of Heisenberg. We saw as many notable as-seen-on-Breaking-Bad locales as possible, and yes, we were obviously even lucky enough to have an encounter with Bryan Cranston, a.k.a. a guy with the initials “W.W.” who isn’t named Walt Whitman.

Come join us, won’t you, on a journey through time, space, Albuquerque, and photos of bathrooms.

It’s a long read with plenty of pictures but well worth it for Breaking Bad fans, particularly if you’re considering your own trip out to the southwest.

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