British Bloggers on RTW Cycling Trip Killed in Crash

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A pair of travel bloggers from Guernsey have died in a tragic accident in Thailand. Mary Thompson and Peter Root were cycling in Thailand as part of their quest to tour the globe by bike, when they were struck and killed by a pickup truck. The accident occured when the driver of the truck briefly took his eyes off the road and bent down to retrieve his hat that had fallen to the floor, not seeing the cyclists on the hard shoulder before he veered into them.

The blog Two On Four Wheels chronicled Thompson and Root’s journey, which in the first eighteen months had taken them across Europe and into Asia. Their families have taken solace in the fact that the couple were doing something that they loved.

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  1. Peter G

    Cycling in Thailand.. Very dangerous. Thai drivers are some of the worst I have seen. I used to go to Thailand on busines and drivers there are totally crazy.

    I was in the back seat of a car once, and we were coming back to back to Bangkok after seeing a customer way out of Bangkok. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I saw the speedo reading 150 km/ hour. I commented on that. They said : ” Oh, when you were asleep, we were doing 170 km / hour”..

    Nice country, but, totally crazy drivers.


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