Carry Speed DS-SLIM: The Best Camera Strap We’ve Ever Tested

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For many budding travel photographers, digital camera accessories can seem like an unnecessary luxury. This is especially true of “fancy” add-ons like lens hoods and even camera straps.

I admit to feeling much the same way. But after checking out‘s solid line of accessories, I admit to changing my tune.

They recently provided us with a sample of their DS-SLIM Camera Sling Strap for review. Here’s what I found … DS-SLIM Camera Sling Strap

The Skinny

The DS-SLIM’s features include:

  • All grip, non-slip neoprene shoulder pad
  • Stretchy material, absorb the weight of camera
  • Wide platform ballhead connection
  • Scratch proof, CAN NOT scratch the camera
  • Super Universal, fits all camera with standard tripod mount
  • Front metal slider quick adjustment
  • Detachable shoulder pad
  • 3-Button snap buckle

In Detail

Let’s cut right to the question most budget travelers will be asking: why would I pay $45 for an accessory that my camera already came with? Two reasons: ultimate comfort and convenience.

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Most basic straps feature two points of connection – one on either of the top corners of the camera. Personally, nothing makes me feel more like a tourist than a bulky DSLR with a five-inch zoom lens dangling from my neck. Plus, after eight hours of sightseeing, most straps become incredibly uncomfortable.

The DS-SLIM provides a simple, ingenious solution: connect the strap instead to the camera’s standard tripod mount at the base. Then simply toss it over your shoulder and go.

It seemed a bit odd – and potentially perilous – for our camera to be dangling at our side like that. But it actually makes perfect sense. And it’s infinitely more convenient to pull your camera up from the hip for a quick shot. Imagine drawing like John Wayne in a gun fight. Yeah – it’s like that.

What’s more is the wide, durable neoprene strap is far more comfortable than the flimsy, standard affair provided with most camera kits.

Pricing & Availability

Available now for around $45 USD directly from

The Bottom Line

I admit to being skeptical of a $45 camera strap. But after a week of ziplining, ATV’ing, and beachcombing in the Caribbean with the DS-SLIM glued to my shoulder, I’m in love. For budding travel photographers, this is a must-buy.

Disclosure: received one complimentary DS-SLIM camera strap from in advance of this review. Read our view on sponsored content.

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  1. Steve

    What’s more is the wide, durable neoprene strap is far more comfortable than the flimsy, standard affair provided with most camera kits.


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