Celebrity Sleepovers

sleeping bags ©karina y

From the guy who brought us 101 Other Things to Do in Amsterdam, comedian Mark Malkoff is showing cheapskate vagabond-types everywhere how to couch surf Hollywood style.

It only makes sense that in a city of overrun with overpriced hotel accommodations and celebrities the cheapest way to get a good night’s sleep is to convince a celebrity to let you crash at their pad.

In his video “Celebrity Sleepovers” Malkoff stays the night at various actor’s homes (or more accurately, in the back of their cars and on their pool furniture). And for the celebrities too reluctant to let a stranger stay the entire night in their home, Malkoff offers the option of a “celebrity nap” where he just takes a quick nap in their homes.

You can watch Malkoff’s celebrity sleepovers at Justine Bateman, Ed Begley, Jr., Kato Kaelin, and many other celebrities’ homes at the Huffington Post

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