Vagabondish Citizen Of The Week, Post-Holiday New Year Edition

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2010-01-11 VB - COTWOtters
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We’ve got a ton of stuff to clean out from the break – wait until you hear about the Chinese solution to stereotypical-but-not-really woman drivers – but in the meantime we’ve reached the end of another week. That means it’s time for your weekly injection of self-esteem, where the best and brightest of our planet provide inadvertent and yet valuable Teaching Moments. Since everyone’s still recovering from the holidays, it seems appropriate to look back and see what last few weeks have been like. Herein are some of heroics you’ve missed while we’ve been apart.

As usual we have four contestants, each epitomizing what might be called a different aspect of the recently passed Season. There’s the gracious Missouri giver with the gift-wrapped pot. There’s the heart-broken lover who firebombed the wrong house. There’s the party animal who passed out in his car with a meth lab in the backseat. And then there’s whatever employee or group of employees let escaped otters delay a holiday flight from Houston to Ohio. Friendship. Love. Partying. Teeth-gratingly stupid airline delays. Aren’t you glad the holidays are over?

Normally our esteemed panel of judges would lean toward the druggies for humor value, followed by some kind of tie-breaker based on rank stupidity. But since it’s a new year and we’re all trying to start things off right, the panel went with the otters. Animals! Cute!

The daring escape by a pair of otters delayed the Ohio-bound flight for about an hour Tuesday night. One passenger said that most on board thought the delay was a joke at first. But another said they watched one of the otters scurry across the tarmac. Airport workers managed to catch the otters and return them to their cages and the flight took off for Columbus.

And if that’s not cute enough for you on a bleak Friday, here’s a pair of otters holding hands:

Animals! Cute!

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2 Responses

  1. Suzi

    I’m glad you went with the otters (I love cute little animals) – but then, I wasn’t on the plane, being delayed! :-)

  2. Christine

    It took me 11 hours to get from NY to VA today. I wish it could have seen some cute animals along the way.


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