Cocoon GRID-IT! Wrap: Perfect “Object Management System” for Travelers

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Cocoon GRID-IT Wrap for iPad
Cocoon GRID-IT Wrap for iPad

One of the biggest hassles when packing is finding a way to stow and organize the mountain of cables that modern travelers inevitably carry. There’s power and data cables for our iPhones, tablet devices, netbooks, cameras, portable kegerators … you name it.

Cocoon Innovations aims to remedy this problem with their GRIT-IT! line of cases:

… a proprietary patent pending object retention system. A unique weave of rubberized elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place.

Designed to provide endless configurations of objects, digital devices and personal effects, GRID-IT!™ is as versatile as life itself!

Cocoon was kind enough to send us their GRID-IT! Wrap for iPad for review (the CPG36 model to be exact). Ever since I got my hands on it, I’ve been hooked. I’ve literally taken it with me on every trip for the past few weeks and absolutely love it.

It’s the perfect system to nail down all of those miscellaneous “bits” and objects that never quite stay put in your luggage. While I’ve been using it almost exclusively for my power/data cables, it works just as well (as the photo above indicates) for pens, mobile devices, headphones, gum … anything small really.

What’s more is that the Wrap series is available in various sizes with a hide-away sleeve for your netbook, iPad/tablet, MacBook Air … any thin mobile device that needs a little extra padding in your luggage.

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Pricing & Availability

Wrap cases are available now in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations directly from Cocoon starting at $24.99.

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