Countries of the World Rated from a Woman’s Point of View

The top three countries where women report feeling the safest when “walking at night” may surprise you. The safest is the former Soviet nation of Georgia, followed by Rwanda, and then Singapore. In honor of International Women’s Day this list was compiled by The Atlantic highlighting a number of Gallup polls taken around the world to showcase the best the world has to offer for women.

Women Only © Sam Howzit

Some of the results were fairly expected, or at the very least not a huge surprise. New Zealand women, for example, have “the best working lives.” This determination, like the other tallies, comes from a poll taken by a number of different respected institutions.

After reviewing all the results, there is no clear winner for the best place to live. Determining factors would probably vary from women to women depending on her predilection towards family life, or working structures. Bulgaria may have the highest amount of maternity leave at around 60 weeks, but women in Norway statistically do the least amount of “unpaid work,” meaning household chores or caring for children.

The one place probably not near the top of my list to set down roots, based on results compiled here, would be Jordan, where apparently 90% of the women believe it acceptable for their husbands to hit them. Yikes.

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