Cricket Travel Trailer Is Half Airstream, Half Vanagon … and All Awesome

In my seemingly endless quest for the perfect ultralight travel trailer, the funky little Cricket Trailer popped onto my radar.

Cricket Travel Trailer/RV

The photo above speaks for itself. It’s like the freakish love child of a classic Airstream RV and a VW Vanagon … if that love child got into a few minor car accidents. It’s somehow “beautifully ugly”.

The top of the heap “EVERYTHING” version includes:

  • Stainless steel sink with 2-burner cooktop
  • Electric, on demand hot water system
  • Folding couch
  • 3-way fridge
  • Multi-position, removable table
  • Handshower
  • Portable cassette toilet
  • Furnace with thermostat OR A/C
  • Folding v-berth with foam mattress
  • Shade awning

… all in an impressively compact 15′ package.

That’s the upside.

The downside: a stripped down, barebones version starts just shy of $10,000 USD. Starts there. Tricked out with all the essential accoutrements and that price quickly balloons to nearly $17K. It ain’t cheap, but in the world of decent travel trailers, it really isn’t all that expensive either. Plus, you’ll be giving even the Airstream RVers something that’ll turn their heads.

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6 Responses

  1. GypsyGirl

    This is very neat– thanks for sharing, have never seen it before.

  2. kelly

    i luv this trailer! it’s perfect. nothing you don’t need, but everything you do! can’t wait to show my husband! one might be in our future!

  3. ernest

    do you have the capability to mount a cricket on a truck so that it is all one unit?


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