Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs Sweep Britain

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Cranbornes ©ell brown

Just a year after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Great Britain is getting ready for another bout of royal fever. This time courtesy of the Queen herself. Retailers have gone into royal overdrive hawking souvenirs and kitsch for the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s sixty-year reign.

Designer Lydia Leith– who won fame across Britain with her tongue-in-cheek royal wedding barf bags — is back with jelly molds that create large, wobbling replicas of the queen’s head.

“They’ve been very popular, though lot of people are quite shocked by it,” she said. “They see it and wonder: is it OK to eat the queen?”

The makers of the breakfast spread Marmite seem to think it is okay to eat the queen. It has temporarily renamed itself Ma’amite.

Enterprising websites are selling jubilee g-strings and t-shirts for dogs–unsurprisingly both are unofficial jubilee memorabilia.

Read more at Yahoo News/AFP.

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