Disney World Asks Santa Doppelgänger to Change Clothes or Leave the Park

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Bah humbug Disney ©Kanko*

Last month, Thomas Tolbert, a Santa Claus impersonator, made a trip to Walt Disney World with relatives. On the third day of his visit, the happiest place on Earth asked him to change his appearance or leave.

Tolbert had posed for photos with other Disney guests and cast members, as he looks like Santa. Disney had concerns that his appearance was confusing to guests and asked that he wear a different outfit. Tolbert was dressed in very casual clothes, far from a Santa uniform. He refused the park’s offer to change into a plain white shirt, left the park and was given park passes to return at another time.

“Disney does not own the image of Santa,” he told CNN. “Santa Claus is not owned by anybody except for the world.”

Find more on the story at USA Today.

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  1. Joselyn Seifer

    Thomas made a great point! Disney doesn’t own the image of Santa Claus. Now, they do own a lot of other images, but that’s not one of them!


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