Elephant Seal Snarls Traffic in Brazil

Typical 9-5 of an elephant seal © Jim Bahn

A large elephant seal frustrated motorists in Brazil this week when it took a holiday from its usual aquatic life and wandered the streets of Balneario Camboriu. The creature stopped traffic on a busy street for more than an hour as it made its way across a crosswalk. The seal may have raised the ire of drivers, but it delighted tourists and onlookers who formed a snap-happy crowd at a respectful distance from the animal and rescue staff splashed water on the animal to keep it from drying out or overheating. After several hours of sightseeing, the seal made its way back to the sea and entered the water under its own steam.

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4 Responses

  1. Jane

    Nice that it used the crosswalk!!! Smarter than most pedestrians I’ve seen around here – don’t know why we bother wasting tax dollars on them. Perhaps in the event that an elephant seal, or walrus, or hippo might want to use them!??

  2. 9leftfeet

    most likely she was sad. Very sad.
    Would have been nice to have someone approach her.

  3. 9leftfeet

    sad. She was vey sad.
    The photographer should have noticed her route
    and the sad sayings she said.
    Why didn’t my previous post get posted?

  4. 9leftfeet

    Obviously technology eludes her. Berating herself for getting turned around with a GPS tends to be embarrassing
    She is trying.
    She tries even if she feels like she’s alone
    She tries even when he, her, them, her, her, and him laugh at her
    She tries as she strives for a happier life while cleaning up a left turn wreck
    She tries even when people tell her not too believe
    She tries while trying to heal
    She tries her best and falls down but desperately tries again
    She tries at this new life and I am still proud of her

    I say to her not to cry and she tries
    She understands some of your anger and apologize not for no anger for for pain towards others. She doesn’t make pain her goal.


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