Fight Depression, Drive a Little Tipsy: Ireland Issues Special Permits

Now that a very controversial piece of legislation has passed (just barely) in Kerry County, Ireland, you might be able to have a few pints at the local pub and still drive yourself home.

2 or 3 Pints OK © jenny downing

Only 3 council members voted “no” on the measure, but the website also notes that 12 councilors were not present, and 7 abstained completely. So, a little rural County Council math means that just five members actually voted “yes” on the matter. They’ve been receiving some not-so-positive responses to the vote from other Irish councils.

In the recent past, Ireland as a whole has really cracked down on drinking and driving, and some view this as a step in the wrong direction. However others would suggest that in the rural area where the special permits might be issued, the chance to get out of the house and socialize over more than half a pint (the current approximate legal limit) could fight depression. It sounds like the permits would only increase the legal amount of alcohol consumption to 2 or 3 drinks versus the 1/2 pint, but time will tell if any permits will actually be issued.

Read more about the story here.

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