8 Foreign Fast Food Chains You Should Know

Albaik ©toyohara

When most people think of fast food the American chain McDonald’s is the first thing that comes to mind. And while McDonald’s chains seem to be popping up everywhere, there is a growing number of local homegrown fast food resturants that are challenging McDonald’s around the world. These local chains present travelers with the opportunity to get a quick and cheap meal””but with an authentic local twist.

MSNBC has compiled a list of eight fast food chains from around the world. From South Africa to Brazil, this list gives travelers insight into the international fast food culture.

The list includes Saudi chain Albaik where for 12 riyal you can taste their four-piece chicken meal (mild or spicy) with garlic sauce, French fries and bread.

The chain is so popular that the company operates a pop-up restaurant once a year in Mina (Makkah), which caters to hundreds of thousands of prayerful Muslims a day while they attend Hajj, a five-day religious pilgrimage that usually takes place in the fall. One observation: Only men are allowed to work behind the counters, in deference to local custom.

Travelers to India can check out Kaati Zone, a fast food restaurant that serves kaati rolls–unleavened flat bread that’s been lightly fried and coated with egg, then stuffed with meat or vegetarian fillings. The Chicken Tikka roll will set you back 75 rupees.

Each Kaati Zone kitchen, restaurant and kiosk has completely separate cooking and serving processes for vegetarian and meat dishes to accommodate local traditions. That kind of attention to detail may be why Kaati Zone caught on: The chain now has 15 locations, mostly in the city of Bangalore.

Get the entire list at MSNBC .

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