Garmin Tracker: Lightweight, Waterproof GPS Tracking for Your Luggage

Like most GPS tracking devices, the Garmin GTU 10 combines a physical tracking unit with a web-based interface to allow you to keep tabs on your luggage or other valuables. The GTU 10 is small, lightweight, waterproof and designed to be stupid-simple to use. Its best feature? The ability to draw “geofences” (virtual boundaries) for the device via the included app. Anytime your personal wares enter/exit the designated area, the Garmin tracking service sends an alert via e-mail or SMS. Nice.

Available now from for around $200 (includes one-year of tracking service).

2 Responses

  1. Bluegreen Kirk

    Ah this is nice I would get this for my wife but she would probably miss place the system. Is there something that hooks to your key chain?

  2. Kobus Pienaar

    This Garmin GTU 10 tracking unit is a nice unit. But it seem not jet available in South Africa.


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