Haggis Potato Chips: Scottish Delicacy Debuts in the U.S.

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The delightful Scottish delicacy that is haggis never quite took off stateside. If you don’t know:

Haggis is the legendary blend of various sheep organs and parts traditionally simmered in a casing made of sheep stomach and served with great ceremony at holiday banquets and other festive Highland and Lowland occasions.

It’s not surprising that Americans have never taken a shine to it given our squeamish nature, particularly for foods that don’t come shrink-wrapped and affixed with a shiny USDA-Approved label. But food maker Great Scot International is hoping to change that with their introduction of Haggis Potato Chips to the U.S. market:

“We know that flavors with a Scottish twist are popular because Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper is our best-selling flavor,” Kirstin Mackie, managing director of Mackie’s, said in a written statement.

Mackie said it was able to replicate the distinct flavor of haggis, which is described as “nutty,” on chips along with a shot of pepper. The chips won Product of the Year at the 2010 Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards.

I am all over this.

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  1. Jess

    Someone brought these to a whisky tasting party we had a few weeks ago, and they were the hit of the evening. They taste just like haggis. Even people who don’t like it at all liked them. We’re fans.


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