Detoxing with “Hedonism Rehab” Packages in Thailand

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Bangkok at Night © antwerpenR

Feeling a little dirty after nights of Patpong sex shows and buckets of Chang? No worries, Thailand has you covered. For a mere 30,000 USD per month you can kick any nasty habits in a serene Buddist temple rehab facility. Interested? Try Tham Krabok Temple where a regimen of daily forced vomiting will cleanse your body and keep you on the straight and narrow.

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One Response

  1. Natasha

    Are you guys crazy? Are you trying to lose readers? For a mere USD 30,000! That is not a mere amount for this type of hypocritical tourism information.

    The site will improve a lot if it featured activities and locations that the common reader can do or visit easily. That’s how you will get more followers, through practical guides and information.

    Don’t sell fantasy.


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