Hipmunk.com Offers a Clever Take on Flight Searching

Hipmunk.com Screenshot

If you like Kayak.com for its no-nonsense interface, you’re going to love Hipmunk.com. Its ultra-lightweight, barebones interface makes finding available flights easier and, we think, much more intuitive by displaying results as colored rows on a timetable.

The usual sort options are available: price, stops, departure time, arrival time, and duration. The site also allows for “tabbed” searching so you can keep multiple queries open and flick through them one at a time.

As Grant Martin noted however:

Running a quick search for an upcoming itinerary from ORD-CDG that we’ve got on the calendar, the proof is in the pudding. Hipmunk returns an (Orbitz available) $823 for roundtrip fare, while metacrawler Kayak (that actually queries aerlingus.com) returns $796.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a site to watch. I can almost guarantee that other travel meta-search engines will be adopting this interface as a browsing option in the coming months.

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  1. Roger Middleton

    Great site. A true “why hasn’t anyone done this?” moment for me. If they can expand the range of providers to be competitive with Kayak and Skyscanner I’d make this my first and only stop.

    Speaking of travel visualizations… a shameless plug for my own “Hotels.com hotels on Google Maps” site: http://www.roomatlas.com. Live prices in the markers, Street View and Wikipedia placemarks.


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