Holy Beer Filled Grail: Exclusive Westvleteren Brew Available for a Limited Time

There are only 6 Belgian beers in the world allowed by law to be labeled as true Trappist, and the beer brewed by the monks of the abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren in Belgium is rumored to be the best brew on the entire planet.

As of the magical date 12/12/12, my friends here in The States can buy that Wesvleteren beer for the very first time.

By cogocogo
Westvleteren XII © cogocogo

And it will probably be the only time. The Cistercian Monks of the abbey practice a solitary life, light on monetary funds. They need a new roof for their abbey and so have agreed, for a very limited engagement, to produce just enough of their blessed brew to fund an update.

I’ve had some worst-on-the-planet beer, so I’ll be putting my name on the list at the neighborhood liquor store for a few bottles. Trappist beer that when it sells out might never be available again is just the thing to serve at an End of the World party, don’t you think?

Learn where you can get your hands on some here.

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  1. Sofie

    You’re right that this beer is very famous. Supermarkets here in Belgium have been trying to sell it for years now. About a year ago, supermarket chain Colruyt got the permission to do a one-time sell of Westvleteren beer. The monks allowed this sale to gain funds for works on the abbey. People could only go get the beer if they had a coupon that was printed in a newspaper and they could only get one pack per person. The action was so popular that some people even went multiple times to the store or to different stores in one day just to be able to buy more than one pack.
    You see, you can normally only get the Westvleteren Trappist at the abbey, on appointment.
    It was a real news item!


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