New Travel Documentary Company Launches With Unique HD Videos

Videos on Humanity.TV are shot in almost-real-time, short-form HD ©jsawkins

Humanity.TV launched last month with the intention of producing high-quality travel video content. For co-founder Kerrin Sheldon, presenting footage of the individuals we meet on our journeys, was key.

Sheldon says, “The direction of online travel videos is moving away from the old format of host-based series. Travel shows shouldn’t be about a host, but about the people you meet. The experiences you have with these unique individuals are what make your trip memorable.”

Fourteen videos are currently posted on the page ranging from the lives of Southeast Asian marathon runners to a time-lapse in Katmandu. The current videos were all filmed in Asia, specifically India, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. The documentary team is currently filming in Japan and has plans to film on other continents in early 2013.

The featured video below is the latest episode on Humanity.TV’s vimeo page. More videos and information on Humanity.TV can be seen here.

Ep. 14: The Elephant Keeper from Humanity.TV on Vimeo.

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