Icebreaker Men’s Seeker Shorts: Cotton Meets Merino Wool for Lightweight, Ultra-Comfortable Travelwear

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We’ve repeatedly praised merino wool as the “Fabric of the Gods” for travelers (notably here and here). And with good reason: it’s lightweight, super-breathable, naturally odor resistant, itch-free (unlike regular wool), fast-drying, plus it stays cool in the heat and warm in the cold. What’s not to like? And no company we know of does merino better than Icebreaker. Their newest line for spring merges their staple merino wool with a touch of cotton (70/30 blend to be exact) for near-perfect travelwear.

Icebreaker Men's Seeker Shorts (black)

Men, take note of their Seeker Shorts – “comfortable and durable for hiking or everyday wear, the Seeker Shorts have pockets on the front and back, as well as a zip-secure thigh pocket for for your passport and other valuables.”

I wholeheartedly agree as they are, not surprisingly, the most comfortable travel shorts I’ve ever worn. So much so that, on a recent five-week trip through Africa, they were the only shorts that I packed.

Pricing & Availability

Seeker Shorts available now in Cargo or Jet Black for around $130 (USD) directly from Icebreaker. (Don’t let the price scare you away – they’re likely to be the last pair you buy for a long, long time …)

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Disclosure: Vagabondish received one pair of Seeker Shorts from Icebreaker in advance of this review. Read our view on sponsored content.

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