Imaginary Paella Lands Couple in Slammer

Paella © Gabriel GM

In most cases, when you point out an error on a restaurant bill it is met with a bit of embarrassment and profuse apologies. Not so for a British couple dining out in Spain. According to the couple, the server “got angry” when they pointed out a paella listed on their bill that they had neither ordered nor received.

Police were called, a move that the couple welcomed because they presumed authorities would side with them. In a surprising turn of events, Geoff Cox and Bridget Keyes were arrested and spent the night in jail. When a translator arrived the following day, the couple learned that they had been charged with defrauding a restaurant, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. Even though the charges were dropped, Spanish prosecutors levied $459 in fines and damages against the couple prior to their release.

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