Israeli PM Pays $127K For One Night’s Sleep

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Have you ever ordered something without checking the price first and then had a rude surprise when the bill arrived? You were probably thinking, “How much can it possibly cost?” or “Let’s just get on with this.” It’s happened to most of us, but probably not to the extent that Benjamin Netanyahu is taking his lumps after paying $127,000 for a place to sleep for five hours.

Needless to say, the Prime Minister of Israel is taking a lot of political flak over the staggering cost of installing a bed for him to sleep in on his five-hour flight to England for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Israel does not have a private jet for use by its top officals, and so aircraft are chartered to transport its big wigs. Netanyahu’s aides defended his busy schedule and need for a good night’s rest in advance of meetings with other world leaders, however it was also revealed that the Prime Minister was unaware of price of his sleeping cabin, and has since decreed that such accommodations not be requested again.

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  1. Dani

    It wasn’t a surprise for mr. Netanyahu. He knew it will cost him that much as it was the third time he did the trick and got taxpayers to pay for the luxury treat of a sleeping quarter on a short haul chartered flight.


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