Jealous Alligator Attempts to Stop Plane

A large 7-foot alligator was spotted close to the main runway of small Punta Gorda airport in Florida on December 31. The gator was closing in on the runway and caused concern of a traffic jam due to the imminent arrival of a commercial jet.

All Gators Love Travel ©wwarby

After the alligator was spotted a FWC officer, an airport security officer and an agricultural detective (yes, that’s a thing) hurried to the scene. While Detective Justin Treworgy crept up on the ‘gator from behind, the other two officers distracted the intruder. How they distracted the animal was not specified. Detective Treworgy was able to jump on the alligator from behind and tape his mouth shut, then the responders safely relocated the beast to a location far from jets and runways.

This is only speculation but the author of this article must assume, due to the incident occurring on December 31, that the alligator was merely trying to catch his plane to NYC for NYE. Imagine his disappointment when he was lured in one direction, attacked from behind, and then taken far from the airport. Did they even check for a boarding pass?

Read the full police report here.

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  1. MSC

    That’s the funniest story! There’s also been recent stories about snakes on planes, but an alligator is another thing entirely.


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