Falling Asleep in the Cockpit is a Dreamy Idea Thanks to Swedish Hostel

Falling asleep in the cockpit is traditionally viewed as a very bad thing, but at JumboStay it is expected. A hostel in Stockholm has turned conventional thinking on its ear by hosting guests in a converted 747 airplane. The cockpit, once the nerve center of this aircraft when it flew for PanAm and Singapore Airlines, is now a double room where drifting off under the stars is strongly encouraged.

Cockpit © JumboStay

The hostel is located on terra firma on the grounds of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, lending it even more of an authentic feel and appealing to aviation geeks the world over. Have a drink at the sleek JumboBar or walk out on one wings and feel like a daredevil.

JumboBar © JumboStay

Explore the hostel at JumboStay.com.

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  1. Matt

    Great to see that these fantastic machines are going to good use, rather than going for scrap in the Mojave Desert.

    I’m thinking of going to Stockholm next year so I’ll give this some thought. The whole idea of staying in the cockpit is awesome.

    V1 – Rotate…. :-)


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